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We Are Pete's Organic Market

You've finally found us!

Welcome to Pete’s Organic Market! We’re an Australian-owned online store where you can search, shop and experience organic wellness (including skincare products), which will benefit your overall health in the most effective and natural way.

On our website, you will find dozens of certified organic products to indulge your body and skin, all of which are free of sugar, dairy, soy, nut, gluten, yeast and wheat. Some of the most popular products from our range include: bone broth (see our “Bone Broth Challenge”), skin lover, mighty minerals, bull kelp, slippery elm, MSM, organic spices and meats, sprouted breads and more.

Pete's famous Bone Broth Challenge (BBC) is a week-long lifestyle reboot based on anti-inflammatory properties and is essential to kick-start your new, healthier you.

Skin Lover is a natural moisturizer with healing properties for people who suffer from skin conditions or dry skin. This cream is organic and completely edible because Pete’s belief is “you shouldn’t put anything on your skin that you cannot eat.” yep, it was designed and made by Pete! Thousands sold, over 16 years in production and refinement!

How do we know Pete's products are effective? Because our loyal customers have told us so - along with the many clients they have referred to us along the way!

Please head to Pete's testimonials page where you will find numerous testimonials from people of all ages and walks of life who have tried Pete's products and noticed significantly reduced symptoms including endometriosis, asthma and diabetes cases, and a lot of other problems

Whether you have some form of inflammation or illness that your doctor and pharmaceutical medicines have been unable to treat effectively, or you simply want to lead a healthier lifestyle - come in and experience Pete’s Organic Market with all the amazing benefits of alternative organic remedies.

This is not medical advice, please see your specialist, for further treatment.


Founder - Pete Melov

A holistic practitioner with over 25 years of experience and the creator of this vast range of health products has also published a book called “Simple Health,” which covers various topics such as:

  • Bloating

  • Inflammation

  • Fasting

  • Fungal and parasite Cleansing

  • Probiotics

  • Enzymes

  • Essential oils

  • Organic food

  • Sun intake and how to Alkalise.


This book costs only $11.99 and can be purchased through this link.

With a successful loyal following of clients, innovative organic products, coupled with decades of product development that is ALL natural and having created 14 shops with vast retail experience - Pete and his team strive to simplify health and make it easy for people of all ages.

Apart from creating a new, healthier lifestyle, Pete also wants to help the environment through his operations. For this reason, Pete only uses compostable bags (made from Mater-Bi, a cornstarch-based polymer manufactured in Australia) with small labelling on the packaging of our products, which is mandatory for food and health regulations.

So what are you waiting for?

Join the thousands who have transformed their health for good today!

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