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The Fantastic Skin Lover now with the Paper LABEL!

and why it helps in the Sun

I no longer have any plastic labels, they are all paper..

So, no plastic going down the sink..!

most people dont realise, that the skin is our biggest organ, and if you get my posts on Insta petesorganicmarket tiktok, same address and rumble soon, petes101 you will see that i continually post about the inner health as the main driver for outer health!

Skin lover has thousands of testimonails, thousands..i have been sent babies covered in it, kids, eldery, and everyone, loving how my original recipe, is completely EDIBLE!..

in fact some people have even cooked with it!

original usual..

Kakadu Plum, castor,coconut, lavender, Ylang,dragons Blood, tallow,ashwaganda,black seed,frankinsense,rossehip, carrot seed,bergamont..etc..smells incredible not overpowering..not oily..!

RUB IT IN ! it goes along way! 30$ 250 MLS fantastic price, lasts 2 years, but you should be using it every 3 months..!

I use it for shaving, hair conditioner, moisturiser..and anything else , because it is completely edible..if you know what i mean..

it has great moisturising capabilities, and how i apply it is just like a massage, i massage it in, and I have had great feedback about its Sun tanning and not bunring aspects..[carrot seed oil, etc]

one of the great way to stop burning in the Sun for me, is to not eat carbs sugars etc, maybe just drink mineral water..before you go in the Sun

Heat just like cold takes alot out of the body, and if you eat in air con, and then go outside , you will be extra hot!

food is a fuel, it requires activity to move it, if you eat then lie on the beach, and not really do much, you may stress the body to get rid of the food,

it generates heat..

causing sweating through the entire body, as well as toxins..

which cause burning when exposed to Sunlight..

the main reason we burn in my view is from low sun exposure, toxic blockouts..and inflammatory foods ,sugar etc..which is really all foods sold at the beach..

Mineralised water, maybe my Mighty your water or clay..Betonite, i find great..cleans and stops hunger..

remember, when its hot eat less, its normal..

with alot of Private companies cleani9ng up the worlds oceans..


everything we do has an impact..I donate to these people, very pro active..


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